Friday, November 20, 2009

Join the revolution, stop the pollution: Save Tamarindo

Hello, hello.  For everyone out there who wants to puke everytime they look at the white monstrosity of a condo building that went up in the center of Tamarindo over the last year, I am posting a link to an organization that is attempting to put a stop to such things.  If you live in Tamarindo you have no doubt seen "Save Tamarindo" signs and stickers around town.  If not, I'll provide a little bit of background information on them for you.  "Save Tamarindo" is attempting to slow the rapid development, the erection of high rises in and around Tamarindo, and prevent the exploitation and destruction of natural resources and the local environment.  Here is an excerpt from their mission statement:

Mission Statement:

It is our responsibility to Protect and Preserve the Nature and Natural Resources of Playa Tamarindo for Future Generations Do you realize that there are between 20 & 25 skyscrapers planned for Tamarindo?
Please visit the website to see a list and pictures of what is coming to our coastline.
Tamarindo is on the verge of overexploitation. Tamarindo’s Natural Habitat and Beach are severely threatened by the speculative over development of condominiums structures. High Density buildings are desecrating Tamarindo’s landscape, threatening our natural resources, depleting our water supply, displacing wildlife, lowering our property values, undermining the tourism business, and adversely affecting our livelihoods. Tamarindo is a special place on this Earth, literally located within Costa Rica’s, Parque Nacional Las Baulas and should not be overdeveloped and exploited.

You can help the cause by visiting and signing the petition.  They also send out free decals and tees.  Check 'em out.  Enjoy your weekend!


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