Wednesday, November 18, 2009

New Weekly Feature: Surfing FAQs

Hola amigos.  I am adding a new feature to the blog this week.  Starting today Pray For Barrels will start answering frequently asked surfing questions to help keep you in the know.  Have a question you want answered?  Email  Alex or me at

Todays Question:  "What exactly is a 'thruster' board and in what conditions do you use them?"

A:  The term thruster actually refers to a fin setup, rather than a specific type of board.  It essentially is synonymous with 'tri-fin' or 'three-fin' set ups.  It usually consists of three equal sized fins in a triangle setup with one at the back point of the board, and two fins flanking it on either side near the rails.

The thruster setup allows for more speed and tighter turns as the surfer "pumps" the board from rail to rail along the wave.  You will notice shortboard riders pumping for speed as they move along the face of a wave.  One thing to note is that the three fins actually create more drag, so their potential speed bost can only be exploited with a more active surfing style.

More information on board types and fin setups can be found at the CRSI website.

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