Thursday, December 3, 2009

Earn college credit while learning Spanish and Surfing

Hello gang,

Wanted to remind all past students and prospective students that you can earn University credit this summer while studying at CRSI through SG Spanish Schools.

They have partnered with CRSI and CSI to offer surf and Spanish programs for which students can earn up to 2 semester courses worth of University or Junior College Spanish credit. Waves + Spanish + awesome nightlife = credit? Sounds like a sweet deal. I wish I was still in college....seriously.

You can register either on the CRSI website or the SG Spanish website.

In other news, here is another weekly installment of our favorite tunes of the week. Feel free to comment, add links to other tracks or just heckle.

Aretha Franklin: - Think

Calvin Harris - The Rain

Moka Only (Ft MF Doom) - More Soup

Blakroc (Ft Nicole Wray and NOE) - Done Did It



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