Saturday, January 30, 2010

Surfing FAQ: Surfing Lingo Part 1

Hello all.

This week's FAQ is going to be dedicated to common surfing lingo/slang/terms. It can be intimidating enough on the water without trying to understand the garbled lexicon of you average surf bum. We will slowly build up a glossary of terms to get you started sounding like a surfer (or a dumbass)... or at least to allow you to decipher what the guy selling you wax at your local shop is talking about.

Surfing Glossary Part 1

AGGRO -Always aggressive.

AIR -When surfer + board leave the face of the wave to become airborne.

BACKSIDE -Turns or rotations in the direction your toes point towards, so that your back is facing the outside of the waves arc

BOTTOM TURN -A turn at the bottom of the wave face. The turn you make after you drop in to establish speed and direction (either to the right or left)

DROPPING IN - Catching a wave that is already occupied > taking off on the shoulder while someone is taking off deeper (closer to the break)



Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Happy New Year


Hope everyone had a great holiday break. We were busy surfing and running camps all through Christmas and the New Year. Check out our new pictures here:

Surf photos

New FAQ up later this week!