Thursday, July 29, 2010

Summer Sessions Tamarindo Style

As the high season is winding down I would like to reflect on the last couple of months here in Costa Rica at the Costa Rica Surf Institute.We have had many great groups and people come through. Some from the States, some from Germany, Italy, INDIA, Norway, France and Canada. This year we also created a new part to our program for FAMILIES.

The Family Surfing Program has been an excellent addition for us as well as for the countless families that roll through the school. The KIDS, even though sometimes a lot of work, have been a an absolute joy to work with, and each one has been talented and tough. Every single kid from the ages of 6 on up were capable of surfing, and more often than not they were even better than the adults (ranging from 18-23 years of age). But shhh I didn't say that.

As for the adults, they have been a blast as well. To watch people IMPROVE from their first day to the end of their second week is amazing. We teach people not only to surf but be able to understand surfing. And for the people who take our two week program the difference is amazing by the second week and they could truly surf anywhere in the WORLD (depending on the wave size) and know; the etiquette, how to choose boards, the type of breaks, how to ride and etc..

Every week, we have been taking our second, third, fourth and fifth week students to AVELLENAS, which is another beach about 45 minutes away. Here, they are able to test the skills they have learned in a new environment where the surf is bigger and better. Although much more difficult, each one of our students has PROSPERED here and it is always a treat to visit a new beach, especially one as beautiful as Avallanas.

The HIGHLIGHT of the summer must have come about 2 weeks ago during a thursday when we had everyone out in the water at the same time. We were over in capitan suizo, we had 3 people taking video and all our students and almost all our instructors out. We were a FORCE to be reckoned with. The sun was out, the water was clear and the waves were good. I just remember sitting out there with everyone as we were all LAUGHING and surfing for three hours straight. No one wanted to get out of the water, so we all stayed for probably an extra hour or so, including all the instructors. I remember thinking, this is what surfing is all about, this is what our institute is all about. It was a moment of CLARITY where I think we all realized (instructors and students alike) that our hard work was paying off. After that day I remember Alejandro (the institute manager) say "those who are the best surfers, have the most fun". How true this statement is for anything one could do.

Lastly, I want to say thank you to all our great INSTRUCTORS who are not only phenomenal surfers but are also SELFLESS and amazing teachers, we would not be able to do what we do without all of you; Kurt, Zach, Paula, Jose, Omar, Francisco, Kairo, Nahuel, Geovany, Victor, Reuben. Also, thank you to all our great students as well, you all put the fun in surfing..

Until Next time, Hasta luego.........


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