Friday, February 18, 2011

Updated: Airline Surfboard Baggage Fees

We ran a story on this awhile back via CRSI twitter but the folks over at CR Surf have a good updated list of airline baggage fees for surfboards. Yikes!

Airlines Increase Fees for Boardbags
If you are thinking about bringing your favorite quiver on your next surf trip, these airlines have increased their fees for surfboards. Be sure to visit the airlines website before booking your flight so you know what to expect.

Luckily at CRSI surfing camps in Costa Rica, we have a full quiver of awesome surfboards. We also recommend that former students who are staying awhile in CR to buy a new board and then sell it back used and still save over what it would have cost to bring your own.

If you want this practice of overcharging to end, contact the airlines by mail and visit this site to sign their petition -

Air Pacific- $50 each way per surfboard bag leaving the U.S.

American Airlines - $150 each way (charge is per surfboard bag if neatly packed and under 50lbs) Lightweight surfboards packaged in a single bag that weighs less than 50lbs will be accepted as a single surfboard for charging purposes. Max 70 lbs and 126 inches

Continental - $100 each way for 2 surfboards , $400 each way for 3 surfboards, $700 each way for 4 surfboards)

Continental Airlines will accept one surfboard/wakeboard or one surfboard bag containing up to four boards per customer as checked baggage. Services charges (one way):

* 1 surfboard $100.00
* 1 surfboard bag containing up to two boards $100.00
* 1 surfboard bag containing up to three boards $400.00
* 1 surfboard bag containing up to four boards $700.00

This service charge is in addition to any excess baggage charges that may apply. The skeg/fin must be removed or well padded. The entire board must be encased in a suitable container to avoid scratching. Continental Airlines shall not be liable for damage to a surfboard/wakeboard. Excess Valuation may not be purchased for a surfboard/wakeboard. Surfboard/wakeboard and surfboard bags over 70lbs (32 kg) will not be accepted as checked baggage.

Note: On Continental Airlines flights, surfboards, surfboard bags or wakeboards over 115 inches (292 cm) in length will not be accepted as checked baggage. On Continental Express* or Continental Connection flights, surfboards, surfboard bags or wakeboards over 80 inches (203 cm) in length will not be accepted as checked baggage.

Copa- $75 to all destinations, excluding São Paulo and San Jose (SJO) which are charged only US $50 (two boards per bag)

Delta- $200 each way per surfboard bag - one board per bag ($100 each way to/from Brazil, $220 to Honolulu or Maui)

If the surfboard is not in a protective case, you must fill out a limited liability release before the surfboard will be accepted.
Surfboards are allowed one board per bag; additional boards in a bag will be charged, per board.
Surfboards over 70 lbs. will be charged the excess weight fee.
Between Honolulu and Maui, there is a 20 USD/CAD/EUR* fee.
Boogie boards smaller than or equal to 43 inches (107 cm) will be accepted as part of the free allowance.

Jet Blue- What is accepted: One surfboard per case; we recommend that surfboards travel in a hard-sided (rather than soft-sided) case to prevent damage. Domestic Flights: Surfboards are accepted on domestic flights for a fee of $50 per board each way and will count as one of your checked bags. International Flights: Customers will be charged a fee of $50 per board each way and will count as part of the checked baggage allowance. Surfboards are accepted to all destinations EXCEPT to/from Bermuda, *Santo Domingo and Santiago. *Please note: Surfboards ARE accepted on flights to/from Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic

Southwest- $50 each way per surfboard bag

Spirit Airlines - A fee of $100 will apply each way for surfboards. A maximum of two surfboards will be accepted per case.

Taca- $125 each way per surfboard bag (max. 2 surfboards), $175 extra for additional surfboards ($100 between Miami and San Jose, Costa Rica)

United- Domestic $100 each way per surfboard, International $200 each way per surfboard

US Airways - Surfboards will be accepted as checked baggage for a charge of $100 per direction. One item of surfing equipment consists of 1 surfboard. When packaging a surfboard, keels and/or kedges must be removed or crated in such a manner so as to prevent damage to other baggage.

These airlines do not charge for boards: Sweet!

Singapore Airlines- No Charge for first 2 surfboards
Qantas – No charge
South African Airways- No charge
Air Emirates- No Charge

Complete article at
[CR Surf]


  1. This is insane, I'm so sick of them bringing up prices. Seriously you can bring your dog under the seat for free, but I can't slide in my compact shortboard for under $100.

    Surf Mexico

  2. Cathay Pacific now charging $600 EACH way for one surfboard.

    Avoid this airline until it changes this outrageous policy.

  3. Continental Airlines will accept one surfboard/wakeboard or one ...

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