Sunday, July 29, 2012

Capitan Suizo

Capitan Suizo, Tamarindo, Costa Rica

About dead center in between Playa Langosta and Tamarindo sits a little boutique hotel by the name of Capitan Suizo (Swiss), which isn't actual the focus of this article. The name somehow attached itself to a small stretch of beach on the southern side of Tamarindo bay. The waves break much differently than they do on the north side, so obviously someone saw it fit to give this section it's own identity, and it's stuck ever since.
Capitan Suizo has primarily been reserved for beginners, because of the less powerful waves and smaller sizes, in comparison to the Tamarindo rivermouth. But remember my friends, your grandma always told you that big things can come in small packages… or something like that. Anyways, Suizo isn't just a flat swimming pool with kiddie waves breaking, sometimes it goes off. 6 footers have definitely happened here during the wet season, sounds great right?
Because of the rocky floor about 150 meters out from the shore at high tide, the waves are somewhat consistent regardless of the tides, winds, and sharks (totally joking, there are NO sharks there as far as I know). What's great about Suizo is that it's a fun beach to bring the whole family to; sections of the beach are great for swimming, then obviously there's the surf zone. The break offers a bit of everything. For you big wave chargers, if the winds right, go check out the Capitans corner. For the rest of you beginners, go ride some white water in to the beach, your time for hit some barrels at the rivermouth will come. 

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