Monday, July 23, 2012

Casitas, Tamarindo, Costa Rica

Casitas, Tamarindo, Guanacaste

            A quick stroll north up the beach from the Estuary in Playa Tamarindo, Costa Rica, sit’s a small beach break called Casitas, or “small houses” in the literal English translation. This spot is not known for particular big waves or cleaner swells, but has one claim to fame; there’s rarely anyone there. Those who’ve been to Playa Tamarindo knows that escaping the crowds is virtually impossible, so why is Casitas usually empty? Some say it’s the fact that you have to cross “El Estero”, which is known to have spectacled Cayman swimming in it. Other’s say it’s the fact that it’s not much better than the breaks directly on Tamarindo beach. Regardless, it’s your best bet for surfing a break that your not elbow to elbow with other surfers competing for a clean tube.
            The wave itself is what the surfing community refers to as an “A-frame”, meaning it breaks so that a left and right oriented wave is created. This hybrid barrel is perfect for both goofy and regular riders,(right foot forward= goofy, left foot forward= regular) making it a very desirable swell to beginners and experts alike. Being a part of Marino Las Baulas National Park also keeps the crowds at bay, because the entire beach (which is known as Playa Grande) is a nesting site for leather-back turtles. So technically, you don’t have the waves to yourself, you’re splitting them with all kinds of different sea creatures!
            My recommendation: go check it out. For those scared of the crocodiles, you’re in luck. There’s water taxis at the river mouth that will zip you across the estuary for a cool 4 bucks, quick and easy. Once across, you’ll feel like you’re in an entire different world from the swarming streets of Tamarindo. So forget your iPhone, purse, or any other things you’re tempted to bring to the beach (Don’t forget sunscreen though!) and go have fun. Who knows, maybe you’ll make Casitas your new home!

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  1. I had Casitas all to myself this afternoon while everyone else was fighting for closeouts on the other side of the Estuary. Casitas has some of the coolest waves I've ever seen or ridden so far in my short surfing life.