Thursday, June 20, 2013

Why Tamarindo Is The Perfect Place to Learn to Surf

Ben Williams
Former CRSI Student           

Before I came to Tamarindo my previous surfing experience involved lock-leggedly wobbling to my feet and struggling to stay standing as the tiny wave I had somehow caught thrashed about behind me. After three weeks in Tamarindo I now choose my waves with discretion, paddle for them with surety, and surf them with a confidence that seemed impossible just a short time before.

Tamarindo is the perfect place to learn to surf, and I don’t use words like perfect lightly. Tamarindo’s beaches have miles of soft sand arrayed in a large cove, cutting down on currents and giving both a north facing and south facing break. In all my time here there hasn’t been a day where there haven’t been good, surfable waves.

Waves are formed when water comes close to shore and the diminishing space between the ground and the surface of the water forces the water to swell upward. This rising water crests into foamy white tumult, and there are few things in life as exhilarating as to be standing on top of a surfboard at this crest. Tamarindo’s beach has a nice, steady slope outward, so steady that you can be well over a 40 meters from shore and still be only chest deep. This slope keeps the waves consistent, predictable and great.   

Depending on the direction of the wind, the height of the tide, and other aquatic variables, Tamarindo’s waves will either muddle their way to shore in still-surfable under-a-meter swells, or they will barrel towards the beach as towering ten-foot monsters. Experienced riders can find plenty of challenging, large waves, but for the rest of us, the bend of Tamarindo’s beach means that there is always a place with waves that are the right size for any given surfer.  

Want to learn to surf in Tamarindo like Ben?  Join us for a surf camp thus summer.


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