Monday, December 16, 2013

A Surfer's Guide To Risk Taking

In a recent article, titled "A Surfer's Guide to Taking Risks" Srinivas Rao uses the mental challenges faced by every surfer as metaphors for 'real-world' calculated risk taking.  Anyone who has ever pushed their limits in the water will recognize the references Rao makes.  Maybe we would indeed be better off, applying the same tactics to everyday decisions.   Rao outlines seven ways to apply a surfer's mentality to every day life.  For example, number for on his list: 

4. Embrace uncertainty 

There’s a moment on a wave known as “the drop.” It’s the moment when either our hopes are crushed or our hard work comes to fruition. It’s also the most uncertain moment of a wave. A wave’s shape is in constant flux and the surfer must adjust accordingly. But the shape also has a tendency to disappear or “close out,” meaning that a seemingly perfect wave can crumble into whitewater, leaving a surfer scrambling.
Nothing in life is guaranteed and living your life according to a predetermined formula is not a guarantee of success. You can’t predict your company will succeed, your art will fly off gallery walls, or your love will be returned. You have to embrace the uncertainty of it all and remember that the more waves you go for, the more you’ll catch.